The Mongolian Culture and Heritage Center of Colorado (MCHCC) is a nonprofit organization based in Denver founded by artist Tsogo Mijid in 2003. Formerly known as “Mon-Ael Mongolian Culture Center for the Arts” which originally consisted of nine professional performing and fine arts members ranging from visual artists, contortionist, dancers, singers, and musicians. 

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From 2003 – 2013, the Mon-Ael Arts Collective partnered with and performed at various venues throughout Colorado and the US including feature length folk and contemporary fine art exhibitions.

Some of our notable partnerships include the international Genghis Khan Exhibit at The Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Wild Wind Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar, NOR.FOLKS.NYC, Massachusetts Tsam Mask Tour, and cross-programming collaborations with Nippon Kan, The Itgel Foundation, The Dragon Boat Festival, Colorado Springs Chinese Cultural Institute, The Denver Zoo, Tibetan Mongolian Cultural Center in Indiana and Zanabazar Dharma Center in Sacramento.

In 2015, The Mongolian Culture and Heritage Center of Colorado received 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization status. We proudly take our invaluable paradigm history in our mission to help preserve, cultivate, and advance the unique Mongolian culture, heritage, and arts through various art and culture focused creative and educational programming across a world diaspora to inspire cross-cultural exchange and understanding.

The Mongolian Culture and Heritage Center of Colorado is committed to the preservation, cultivation, and advancement of the rich Mongolian culture, heritage and arts across a world diaspora. MCHCC is committed to inspiring cross-cultural exchange and understanding between the Colorado Mongolian community with the greater Colorado, as well as facilitating international connections between Colorado and Mongolia through various art and culture focused creative and educational programming.


MCHCC has been in partnership with Bd’s Mongolian Grill in Denver since 2012. Historically, MCHCC has curated permanent exhibition at Bd’s Mongolian Grill location in Brunswick, Maryland as well as having curated many shows at Bd’s Mongolian Grill in Boulder, CO until the location closed down. Since 2012, MCHCC has curated an annual repertoire of rotating Mongolia themed fine art exhibitions, either art made by Mongolian artists or art about Mongolian culture, at the Bd’s Mongolian Grill location in Denver.