The Mongolian Culture and Heritage Center of Colorado (MCHCC) is a nonprofit organization based in Denver founded by artist Tsogo Mijid in 2003. Formerly known as “Mon-Ael Mongolian Culture Center for the Arts” which originally consisted of nine professional performing and fine arts members ranging from visual artists, contortionist, dancers, singers, and musicians.

The Mongolian Culture and Heritage Center of Colorado is committed to the preservation, cultivation, and advancement of the rich Mongolian culture, heritage and arts across a world diaspora. MCHCC is committed to inspiring cross-cultural exchange and understanding between the Colorado Mongolian community with the greater Colorado, as well as facilitating international connections between Colorado and Mongolia through various art and culture focused creative and educational programming.

Download MCHCC brochure (English)
Download MCHCC brochure (Mongolian)


Our mission is to help preserve, cultivate, and advance the unique Mongolian culture, heritage, and arts through various art and culture focused creative and educational programming across a world diaspora to inspire cross-cultural exchange and understanding.


  • To develop and conduct various educational classes about Mongolian art and customs that promote the preservation of Mongolian culture and heritage.
  • To teach Mongolian language to Mongolian youth, Americans, and interested cultural communities.
  • To re-establish Mongolian Buddhist class “Dharma Wheel” for both the Mongolian and American communities with a focus on providing Buddhist philosophy, meditation, and yoga lessons.
  • To open a contemporary art gallery venue in Colorado that helps showcase and promote Mongolian and international artists. To present exhibitions that introduce traditional and contemporary Mongolian arts to the worldwide public.
  • To organize and conduct meetings and seminars with other Mongolian organizations thereby facilitating inter-cultural connections within community.
  • To observe and celebrate traditional Mongolian holiday celebrations in Colorado and offer the opportunity to share the festive events with the local community.
  • To provide tourism assistance and travel guidance to people who are interested in the Mongolian culture and those planning to visit Mongolia.

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