Youth Ambassadors posing with folktale characters sock puppets, Bombog Children’s Puppet Theatre, Naadam Summer Festival 2004.


The Mongolian Culture and Heritage Center of Colorado “Bombog Puppet Theater” was founded in 2004. The children’s puppet theater aims to educate youth about Mongolian culture, history and language through children’s folktale performance. The puppet theatre seeks to cultivate appreciation of cultural heritage to sustain cultural preservation.

The Bombog Theatre’s performance repertoire consists of popular Mongolian folktales and classic Mongolian stories fit for all ages. Based on the best traditions of Mongolian theatre and enriched by mutual influence of Mongolian and world cultures, the performances of the Bombog Theatre remain original and dynamic.

The Bombog Theater production is an all immersive, multi faceted hand crafted experience. The puppet actors are Mongolian youth ambassadors from the local community. During the production process, youth ambassadors help to handcraft the characters, puppet costumes and backdrops.

The Bombog Puppet Theater is available to come to your next event, please contact us with your inquiry.

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