The “International Yurt Art Residency program” (IYARP) is an umbrella program run under the Mongolian Culture and Heritage Center of Colorado.

Longterm Mission

IYARP seeks to nurture artists and the creative process. The residency offers 2 artists (one artist from Colorado, one artist from Mongolia), 1-3 month partially funded cross-cultural residency exchange experience awarded to each artist per yearly quarter. IYARP is open to all 2D, 3D, digital, cross-disciplinary, experimental, film, video and writing art disciplines.

Selected artists get a chance to cross-exchange travel internationally to each others home countries and simultaneously share the experiential dwelling of both an open-air/land and a closed-studio laboratory inside the traditional Mongolian yurt for individual creative pursuits on rural land (Colorado location TBD | LAM 360° rural province in Mongolia). IYARP utilizes the physical container of a Mongolian yurt and the rural environmental setting of natural land and open air space as root inspiration for spatial and outdoor visualization of the relations between nature, culture, urbanization, and social practices.

Selected artists will get support from the IYARP headquarters located in Denver, Colorado and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and have option to develop their individual projects while taking part in weekly discussions, tours, meetings, and mentored workshops from esteemed professionals in their respective fields of application. Artists can apply and develop their creative practice and processes around issues such as climate change, sustainable housing, public education, cross-cultural inter communication, policy-driven research, relation to the built and natural world, and the transitioning relationship of the city to exurban peripheries.

IYARP aims to disrupt the status quo in order to create communal meaning and cultural integrity among indigenous and migrant cultural groups. Through the gifts of focused time, space, inspiration and resources – IYARP has three fold mission to (1) help bridge/encourage artistic and cross-cultural artist exchange between the East and West (Colorado and Mongolia), encourage (2) artistic and cultural enrichment through diversity while (3) promoting/inciting discourse, advocacy, social justice and creative capital on art, culture, social policy, and environmental sustainability issues on a cross-cultural platform/diaspora.


In 2020, IYARP will stay regional within in Colorado. In 2021, IYARP will award two artist a fully funded one to three month rural residency cross cultural exchange experience between Mongolia and the artists host country.

Residency Vision Elements

Integration: Artists will pursue new body of artistic work during the residency, ending with open studio for the public. Additionally, artists will have exhibition at the Denver headquarter gallery or TBD local art gallery.

Amplification & Lifelong Learning: IYARP offers emerging/established local/international artists opportunities to help cultivate, inspire and challenge their creative practices to boundary pushing heights of provocative, innovative, relevant contemporary art forms that examine social issues. IYARP promotes art appreciation/engagement through enigmatic artworks created with social implications, motivating civic pride and critical cultural dialogue.

Historically, Denver was the first city in the United States to have the largest Mongolian population. Denver continues to be a popular hub for influx of Mongolian immigrants and culture. IYARP commemorates this profound cross cultural bond. The artist exchange program is committed to the preservation, cultivation, advancement, connection, promotion of the arts and culture in Denver and Mongolia.

Accessibility & Local Talent: IYARP is an all inclusive program providing artist studio, time, accommodations, professional career development, and recognition opportunities to artists of all sex, race, gender, creed in all stages of career level and art disciplines. IYARP acts as a social equalizer and container for authentic expression promoting local artistic and creative talents.